Shaker Custom Bookcase

Shaker Custom Bookcase

We offer the shaker Bookcase in multiple finishes and works in maple and oak. All shelves are adjustable, with the exception of the bottom & between doors, allowing you to position them as you please.

Solid Maple wood or Oak.

Available in a variety of stains and hardware.


32"W X 36"H X 14"D

32"W X 48"H X 14"D

32"W X 60"H X 14"D

32"W X 72" H X 14"D

32"W X 84"H X 14"D

38"W X 36"H X 14"D

38"W X 48"H X 14"D

38"W X 60"H X 14"D

38"W X 72"H X 14"D

38"W X 84"H X 14"D

50"W X 36"H X 14"D

50"W X 48"H X 14"D

50"W X 60"H X 14"D

50"W X 72"H X 14"D

50"W X 84"H X 14"D

Note: Shelf depth 12"

Door options: Glass, Slab or Flat Panel wood doors